written by Wanda

Lindsay Lohan And Her Brother Cody In Malibu

So if you read TMZ, you probably already know that Lindsay Lohan has been getting back into old habits. No, I’m not talking about the alleged jewelry theft because that is so obviously complete pucka and doesn’t even make any sort of logical sense. I’m talking about her recent shopping sprees. It seems Lindsay’s brother Cody has taken an interest in surfing so Lindsay dropped a pretty big chunk of chance on new things for Cody at a surf shop. This is apparently news. I have to tell you, the Lindsay bashing is getting a bit old. She’s working again and seems to be looking healthier and happier than she has in a long time. If she wants to spend money on her little brother to encourage him to pursue something he enjoys, that’s her business. He’s family. If I had more than $3.00 in my bank account at any given time, I’d do the exact same thing for my brothers. Here in Malibu, it’s clear Lindsay and her brother are close. Family is important and people should be encouraging Lindsay to focus more on her family and less on more negative influences in her life. Of course, in Lindsay’s case, her parents are among those negative influences which to me is all the more reason for Lindsay to step up and be there for her siblings. Perhaps I’m naive, but I think Lindsay is on the right path. I hope she keeps it up. I love this girl like I love puppies. I want to see her make the comeback so many doubted she’d ever make.

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