written by Ann

Lindsay Lohan At Charlotte Ronson’s Show

Charlotte Ronson’s Spring 2009 fashion show was sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States. Ronson’s siblings showed up in full force to support her. Mark Ronson was the DJ spinning the tracks for her fashion show. Her twin sister, Samantha, brought her girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan and they were seated at the front row. It was a good show of family support. Sam Ronson had a new hair color. She became a brunette and had a shorter hair cut too. Lindsay looked beautiful in her dress.

Lindsay Lohan

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  • Who’s the dude sitting next to Lindsay?

  • Its a girl

  • Pete, don’t say you didn’t notice :lol:

  • Pete,

    She’s Sam Ronson (Samantha Ronson), sister of DJ Mark Ronson.

  • I know, i was trying to be funny.

  • Lohan looks good here, she is fine