written by Wanda

Lindsay Lohan In A Sheer Bathing Suit.

People love giving Lindsay Lohan grief. They like picking apart everything she does, looking for any sort of scandal they can find. She has made herself a target and really has no one to blame for her bad reputation but herself but there comes a point that it’s time to let it go. I have always been a Lindsay fan and I’ve always been rooting for her to find her way back to the straight and narrow so perhaps I’m biased when I say I don’t see anything scandalous about these photos. I think she’s more conservatively dressed than many of the women who hang out lounging by the pool but more importantly, she’s looking healthier than she has in a long time. People like to say she looks older than she is and in the past, I’ve agreed. When I look at these photos though, I see a young woman that looks an awful lot like that girl I fell in love with back in the “Mean Girls” days. I want what’s best for Lindsay. I only hope she finally wants what’s best for herself as well.


  • I do wish that Lindsay would get her life back on track. She is a decent actress and has too much going for her to throw it away on how she has acted in the past. I do not much care for her suit though as it looks as if her boobs are smashed.

  • she is tasty

  • I agree with Drew on this one. Her boobs do look very smashed here. I think that the suit would have been fine if it did not make it look like she had pancake breast. I do not much care for Lohan anyway.

    • I hadn’t noticed the “pancake breasts” until I read Drew’s comment. I agree with both of you. It’s weird. For the record, “pancake breasts” is my new favorite term, so thanks for that Paula.

  • that shade of red hair is too gorgeous!! thank the gods she gave up that horrid white blonde. this is so much kinder to her skin tone.