written by Wanda

Lindsay Lohan In Another Racy Photo Shoot

It’s not really a big secret that Lindsay Lohan has some big problems – one of those being her near fatally stalled career. No one wants to put her in their movies – big problem for an actress I’d say. When I look at these pictures, though, I have to wonder why she doesn’t give modeling more of a shot. She clearly has the looks for it and it doesn’t seem as high stress as acting – although I’m likely wrong as I’ve never done either. I think Lindsay could make a comeback if she is serious about staying clean and staying out of trouble. Then again, I’m not sure she has much of a choice when it comes to trouble. People seem to like to start that and drag Lohan into it. Yes, I’m saying I don’t believe she stole the necklace. In my honest opinion, anyone with a brain could look at the facts we know about the case and see it was a misunderstanding. Whatever, though. Before her acting career can get off the ground again, she’s going to need money and she’s going to need to show she’s reliable. Modeling might just be the way for her to do that – especially if all of the pictures are this hot.

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