written by Wanda

Lindsay Lohan Is Looking Phenomenal.

I have never wavered in my love of Lindsay Lohan although I have to admit to being more than a little worried about her from time to time. As absolutely everyone knows, she’s had her fair share of troubles but I’m believing more and more every day that those troubles are really behind her. Just look at her. She’s even starting to look like the Lindsay Lohan I fell in love with back in the “Mean Girls” days. She looks healthier than she has in a long time and looks happier as well. I only hope things are going as well as they appear to be. She still has some legal drama to contend with but I really think she can get through it all and make it back to the top if she works hard and focuses on keeping herself on the straight and narrow. I’m rooting for her.


  • She is looking pretty good here. There was a time when she had such a bad life. But I really do feel that she is getting her life on track right now. She looks like she is happy and healthy and that is all that matters.

  • gorgeous, great rack

  • Who the hell are you looking at? Lindsay does not look hot here. Not even remotely hot. I tell you she sort of looks frumpy in her suit. I do not much care for it.

  • lee are u saying u wouldn’t bang her- what women do u like?

    You obviously have very high standards

    • Compared to her mug shots she looks better here but she’s seen better days

  • I will agree that she does not really look her best here. But she does look a lot better than what she has before. In the past she has looked a lot older than she is and here she looks carefree and relaxed.

  • Lindsay has looked far worse than this. She looks like she is decent here. Happy as well and that says a lot. Maybe she realized that her life was not going anywhere and she best screw her head on.

  • awesome big rack on her, hottie

  • she has some good boobies