written by Ann

Lindsay Lohan Pregnant!

Lindsay Lohan has a make-believe pregnancy on the movie set of Labor Pains. She gets to wear maternity clothes and a baby bump. Lindsay’s sexuality is in question in real life so this movie comes with a surprise. She has made fast friends with Lily Allen. When a reporter tried to ask Lily about Lindsay’s friendship with Samantha Ronson, he had an earful from Lily. He deserved that for prying that closely!

Lindsay Lohan

Samantha Ronson Labor Pains Lindsay’s filming Labor Pains Lindsay Lohan 4.jpg Lindsay Lohan 5.jpg Lindsay Lohan 6.jpg Lindsay Lohan 7.jpg Lindsay Lohan 8.jpg Lindsay Lohan 9.jpg Lindsay Lohan 10.jpg Lindsay Lohan 11.jpg Lindsay Lohan 12.jpg Lindsay Lohan 13.jpg


  • Even if it is wrong, I will be very very happy!


  • Nice tan =)

  • more great pics of lindsays perfect legs


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