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Lindsay Lohan Private Pictures

It is all too common for average people to get a bit friendly with celebrities, get ‘private’ pictures/videos of them and then a few months down the line, sell them to make money. It isn’t the most morally correct thing to do, but then again I blame celebrities for being too trusting. Yes you meet someone who looks nice and says nice thing and makes you feel special. But then again you are in REHAB. These people haven’t been able to look after themselves, so what makes you think they can look after you…and your private life.

Although selling out is a bad thing. BAD! We do get a few interesting pictures out of it. Take a look!

Lindsay Lohan Private Pictures

Lindsay Lohan Private Lindsay Lohan Private Pictures 2.jpg Lindsay Lohan Private Pictures 3.jpg Lindsay Lohan Private Pictures 4.jpg Lindsay Lohan Private Pictures 5.jpg Lindsay Lohan Private Pictures 6.jpg


  • Lindsay Lohan looks like a whore now, See the last picture.
    She looked so cute when she was a kid.
    How much can you trust drunkards with your pictures.

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  • spice girls yeh, are we proud of such talent? GREEEEED RULES, it’s gonna bring us all down. money over all else yeh, grab, count, cash!”


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