written by Ann

Lindsay Lohan The Bewildered Beauty

Lindsay Lohan was surprised by a cameraman as she returned home to her Hollywood residence. Lohan looked like a bewildered beauty in in her casual assemble. Lohan has delivered a Christmas punch to her dad, Michael Lohan. Lindsay blogged in her MySpace that Michael told her family that he has a step sister for them. Michael has fired back with a denial. Michael alleged that it could have been Samantha Ronson who blogged under Lindsay’s account. As we all know, Michael and Sam have their axes to grind and bones to pick.

Lindsay Lohan

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  • Those are buns and legs from HEAVEN that could undoubtedly pump me dry! =-)

  • Imagine being balls deep in that ass as you empty your very own Christmas sack into her.

  • lindsay is my ideal girl. the whole body is from heaven


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