written by Wanda

Lindsay Lohan Tries Surfing In Malibu

I love Lindsay Lohan. I’ve loved her since “Mean Girls” and I sincerely doubt anything’s going to change that. She has her problems and I honestly believe she’s trying to work them out. Does that make me a sucker? Probably. That’s how I feel though and I’ll always defend her like I would a friend. I guess I figure she needs it. Anyway, here in Malibu, Lindsay tries her hand at surfing and it looks like she’s having a great time. I know some people are going to give her a hard time for how she looks, but compared to how she was looking a few months back, I think she’s looking pretty good. I’m rooting for her comeback. Hope it happens.


  • Must have been booze in the ocean..

  • fantastic ass shots thx bro

  • Lindsay looks like she is having a great time here. Maybe she don’t know what she is doing but that is part of the fun. This is the lindsay we should all remember. The fun one that laughs and does not look so bad all the time.

  • Lindsay is lovely in or out of water wish she was in me now