written by Joe

Lindsay Lohan With Added Tobacco!

Here we have Lindsay Lohan at the Madeo Restaurant in Los Angeles, carrying some dissolvable tobacco. I am not a tobacco person myself, but she is famous so it doesn’t matter what I think. However, I don’t see why she is carrying it around, should could put it in that bag of hers. She is looking as lovely as ever, especially with that nice little black skirt and them stockings. Do I see tan lines around her eyes in the second picture? It is probably real tan, because I doubt she is that stupid to leave her eyes white.

Lindsay Lohan in Public

Lindsay Lohan tobacco Lindsay Lohan 2.jpg Lindsay Lohan 3.jpg Lindsay Lohan 4.jpg Lindsay Lohan 5.jpg Lindsay Lohan 6.jpg Lindsay Lohan 7.jpg Lindsay Lohan 8.jpg


  • Maybe she is carrying tobacco around cos the company paid her to do it. This is the new form of advertisement i guess .
    She looks so worn out now after her rehab stints. I hope she recovers.

  • That tobacco might be some sort of comfort to her as she carries it in her hand. Or probably, someone just handed it to her right that moment and thought of it as another eye catching issue people might want to talk about her. I hope she’ll recover soon and discard the vices in her life. There’s still more to catch up with her career.


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