written by Christine

Lindsay Lohan’s Ass

Is anyone else tired of seeing Lindsay Lohan’s tired haggard drug addicted face? If so, well, she’s given free reign of a look at her ass. Yep, that is one claseeee lay-dee! One would try not to find themselves in compromising positions such as this when they are among the most photographed in Hollywood. However, I don’t recall anyone criticizing this one for being too smart either, so you know. Looks like she is doing some travelling here, the security badges on the dudes give it away. This may be for her trip to Capri last week when she was being honored at some shin dig or another. Someone should tell her though….if you are going to show your ass, don’t wear white thongs under black tights! Opaque doesn’t always mean opaque honey!

Lindsay Lohan Ass

Lindsay Lohan Panythose Lindsay Lohan Panythose Lindsay Lohan Panythose 3.jpg Lindsay Lohan Panythose 4.jpg Lindsay Lohan Panythose 5.jpg Lindsay Lohan Panythose 7.jpg Lindsay Lohan Panythose 8.jpg


  • Do we see Lindsay’s thong here awell? :)

  • Nice posing Lindsay I bet you did on purpose !

  • say what you will good or bad you gotta admitt its an nice pic of a nice looking ass to a young hoot chick it worked for me and id soooo lick all over her even that booty

  • She has a great butt


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