written by Ann

Lindsay Lohan’s Bikini Bottom At Brentwood Pool Party

Lindsay Lohan had a pool party in Brentwood on Saturday, May 17. She enjoyed a private round of socializing before getting down to business in the following week. Lindsay’s staff would be looking at possible sponsorships for her 22nd birthday party. She created headlines with her public appeal for party sponsors. Many celebrities used sponsors to pay for their parties but Lindsay’s approach was anything but discreet. Meanwhile, her mother Dinah, and her sister Ali, have defended Lindsay. They confirmed that Lindsay was not a lesbian.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan in a blue dress Lindsay Lohan 2.jpg Lindsay Lohan 3.jpg Lindsay Lohan 4.jpg Lindsay Lohan 5.jpg Lindsay Lohan 6.jpg Lindsay Lohan 7.jpg pool party Lindsay Lohan bikini bottom Lindsay Lohan with friends


  • she doesn’t look that bad

  • Despite all of her problems… I’d still hit Lindsay

  • why would you hit her thats against the law do that and u will find ur self getting hit by huge guys in jail