written by Ann

Lindsay Lohan’s Tiny Shorts

Lindsay Lohan wore a tiny pair of shorts in Malibu. She broke her usual form of wearing leggings. Recently, Lindsay had been promoting the fashion clothes swap campaign called the Visa Swap 2008 campaign. She showed off a few pieces of vintage clothing and encouraged women to exchange second hand clothes, recycle and save the earth too. A special event will take place in London in June to encourage women to swap threads.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan in Malibu hand clothes Lindsay Lohan 3.jpg Lindsay Lohan shorts tiny shorts Lindsay Lohan 6.jpg Lindsay Lohan 7.jpg Lindsay Lohan 8.jpg Lindsay Lohan 9.jpg Lindsay Lohan 10.jpg Lindsay Lohan 11.jpg heels


  • Lindsey some sunbathe would be nice? =) Still u’re sexeh!

  • that would be nice lindsay .. go visit a sun lol

  • hihi:P

  • I’d hit that big time ! Leggy lady !

  • my ideal women. those legs are sexy as hell