written by Wanda

Lisa Edelstein In Best Friends Magazine

I haven’t watched “House” since the end of season two despite my deep, and somewhat disturbing, love for everything Hugh Laurie but I am aware that Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) is no longer on the show. I just can’t imagine how it works without her. I love Lisa. She’s sexy but not in the traditional sense of the word. She has a lovely smile and I like that in a woman. Here in her shoot for Best Friends magazine, Lisa poses with an assortment of cute and furry things, officially melting my icy heart. I think this is a great set of pictures for her. She looks incredible and is clearly doing something she loves. There is such real warmth in her expression. Love the woman.


  • Oh God!! I miss Cuddy :-(

  • saw her in frasier episode she has a great body, very nice not everyone’s cup of tea tho all my mates say she is ugly, beauty is subjective tho, I quite like her