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Lisa Kudrow At The Apple Store

When you think of Lisa Kudrow, it’s not the sexy diva image that comes to mind at first thought. You’re still thinking the whacko Pheobe from FRIENDS who’s made you laugh for 10 seasons straight. Here’s shots of Lisa Kudrow promoting ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ with other stars of the show at the Apple Store in Soho. She certainly looked well decked for the event, and yes if you saw a wrinkle to many, you’re quite right. Some people to like to age naturally and look their age. So, now it’s all about waiting for the success of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow
Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow


  • She is a hottie

  • love lisa, such a hot milf

  • stunning milf, not just a great hottie but great actress,

  • always my favourite babe off friends even tho jennifer aniston and courtney cox are fine too, she has something else about her, love her,

  • not sure she is hottest off friends it’s too tough to call as her, jennifer aniston and courteney coc all are hot as hell, i do so much wanking when those 3 are on screen, id go jennifer as my number 1 but id pump all three, they all hot.

    Lisa was easily the best on the show tho, loved her character, she is a sexy women

  • she is underrated compared to Aniston and Courtney cox in truth, she is a very good looking lady


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