written by Ann

Lisa Rinna’s Curvaceous Bikini Booty

Lisa Rinna is a hot bikini babe with curvaceous boobs and booty. Rinna is a fitness enthusiast and her figure has remained slim throughout her professional career. She revealed she will be posing for Playboy soon. Rinna has posed for the magazine before but after several years, people desire to see Rinna again in the flesh. Rinna and her husband, Harry Hamlin, will act their way into the hearts of millions when they are shown as a team in their TV serial, “Homeland Security.”

Lisa Rinna

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  • i can’t wait for this old hag to pose nuse again in playboy.
    i better stock up on kleenex.

  • She already WAS in Playboy, and she looked so waxen, plastic and fake she looked like she belongs in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. I like women to at least have a LITTLE air of humanness about them and her pictures just didn’t.

  • she does have a great body tho , i sure as hell would not kick this women out of my bed