written by Wanda

Lisa Rinna Gets A Spray Tan.

At least I think Lisa Rinna is getting a spray tan. I’ve never had one myself so I don’t really know what the whole thing looks like. It is merely what I assume is happening based on the context. Anyway, that’s really beside the point. I know a lot of people like to pick on Lisa about her lips and her various plastic surgery procedures but I don’t think any of that is really a huge deal. I think she looks beautiful, especially for a woman her age. I’ve always said I don’t think there’s anything wrong with accepting a helping hand if you want to keep the hands of time under control. Some women prefer aging gracefully while others don’t. Either is fine with me. I hope to look half as good as Lisa does when I’m her age and if I had the means, I wouldn’t be above asking for a little nip or tuck to make that happen.


  • I think that Lisa is gorgeous for her age. And who cares that she has had surgery. She looks good. The surgery went well for her. She does not look fake like some ladies I know that have it. I hope to age as well as she has even if she had some help.

  • Lisa looks stunning for a woman of her age. Her body looks like that of a 20 year old. I think that she still has the looks as well. Age has been very kind to her but she must also take great care of herself.