written by irene

Lisa Rinna Having A Splashy Day

Lisa Rinna, who’s best known for her role in the long-time soap “Days Of Our Lives,” had fun recently at the gorgeous beaches of Malibu. The former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant (she appeared in the second season of the said show) was wearing a two piece bikini and boy, did she look as if she was ready to give the younger actresses a run for their money! Lisa showed off her beautifully toned body in these photos – so what are you waiting for? Click, click!

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna in a bikini Malibu Lisa Rinna 3.jpg Days Of Our Lives Lisa Rinna by the beach beautifully toned body Lisa Rinna is still hot two piece bikini Lisa Rinna 9.jpg Lisa Rinna 10.jpg Lisa Rinna 11.jpg Lisa Rinna 12.jpg Lisa Rinna 13.jpg


  • what an incredible hot sexy muscular body

  • muscular body what a laugh, rinna is scrawny and anorexic looking she needs to go to a gym and put on some muscul mass. look up woman body builders and fitness models, thet have beautiful muscular fit bodies, rinna can only dream of a body of this caliber! you need glasses!

  • I agree, Kelly. I wouldn’t look at Lisa Rinna and think she was muscular. However she does look rather fit and toned though and far from scrawny and anorexic like you’ve mentioned. I especially like how toned her stomach looks.

  • anyone with mony can buy a body that looks toned. rinna s had so much work done, botox , fillers. breast agmentation, facelift. nose job and LIPO SUCTION in the stomach and thighs.she has so many spare parts she could be frankenstiens bride! does not count unless you put effort and time at the gym and build a beautiful, toned muscule body the natural way, lots of disipline, proper nutrition and hard work! my wife is a fitness model and trainer there is no way in hell she got her body without help from a plastic quack! rinna is a piss poor example for women, many beautiful woman in this world , rinna is not one of them! corey everson and rachael mclish bothin their 50s to name a few , have beautiful natural bodies good examples for alll woman that want to be self confident stong and fit!!

  • rinna is a fake my wife is a fitness model and trainer, rinna buys her body at the plastic quacks office, you name it she has it. botox, fillers, breast agmentation and lipo in the stomack and thighs and last but not the least those huge ass lips! does not count unless you put the time in at the gym and build a beautiful musculer fit bogies the natural way. hard work, proper nutrition. detication, disipline and supplements. many beautiful woman in the world rinna is not one of them. corey everson and rachael mclish both in their 50s are beautiful, musculer and fit women that are perfect examples of building a body the natural way that woman can aquire with disipline, detication and hard work!