written by Wanda

Lisa Rinna In Pink Bikini

Lisa Rinna has children. I can’t even understand how that’s possible. Her body is so hot it makes the sun sweat. And those lips! Good heavens, those lips! I love this woman. I really do. I remember way back when Lisa played Billy on Days of Her Lives and I had my very first girl crush on her. I think I might’ve been ten – maybe eleven. In the fifteen or sixteen years since that time, she hasn’t changed at all. Here with her family in Malibu, Lisa is the same stunning creature she always was. I have to assume she has a little nip and a little tuck but in a business where beauty is everything, I can’t say I blame her. And come on, she looks incredible. Does it really matter why?

Lisa Rinna Lisa Rinna Lisa RinnaLisa Rinna Lisa Rinna Lisa Rinna Lisa Rinna Lisa Rinna


  • Will always love her quirky hotness :>

  • Yeah, those lips!

  • still looking hot for woman her age

  • i see plenty of women 40 +, some over 50 who still look great, she is a mature babe

  • great body for a women her age