written by Ann

Liv Tyler’s Pretty Dress Day

Liv Tyler wore a pretty dress on her day out in Santa Monica. She has been making news as her separation from Royston Langdon gathered attention. She was spotted spending time with him, together with their son, Milo. Royston has been busy. He has been practicing and trying out to be the lead vocalist for Velvet Revolver. Velvet’s former singer, Scott Weiland, left the band in April. Royston was said to be getting along well with Velvet Revolver.

Liv Tyler ass

Liv Tyler in Santa Monica. Velvet Revolver Liv Tyler 3.jpg pretty dress Liv Tyler 5.jpg Liv Tyler 6.jpg Liv Tyler 7.jpg Liv Tyler 8.jpg Liv Tyler 9.jpg Liv Tyler 10.jpg Liv Tyler 11.jpg Liv Tyler 12.jpg

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