written by Wanda

Live Rihanna Concert Pics From Istanbul

Oh, how I would love to see Rihanna live. I think it would be a heck of a show. Sadly, she never plays anywhere near me and even if she did, the tickets would probably be far too expensive for me to even consider. Those two factors in mind, live concert pics like these ones from her performance at the BJK Inönü Stadium in Istanbul are all I really have aside from YouTube clips. While it might not be as good as seeing the real thing live in person, it isn’t half bad. Rihanna looks incredible in these photos. Then again, Rihanna looks incredible most of the time. I think her show would really be something to see. She seems to put everything into her concerts and I appreciate that, even if I’ll likely never get to witness it for myself.


  • Rihanna is so fit, she looks well good here

  • she is a great looking girl, she looks very nice here, love the hair here she looks much better like this as opposed to the short red hair but she is very pretty regardless