written by Wanda

Liz McClarnon Spills Out At The Top And Bottom

My, my – that is a lot of body for not a lot of dress. The result? Hotness, I’d say. Maybe there are those out there that would disagree but looking at these photos, I’m not seeing much to complain about. Here we see Liz McClarnon performing at a recent Atomic Kitten concert in London and I’ve got to say, she’s looking pretty good. I was never a big fan of Atomic Kitten but they had a few songs I enjoyed enough to say I’m glad they reunited. Photos like these ones only further cement my belief that yes, the Atomic Kitten reunion was a good thing indeed.

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  • great boobsand those legs, yummy, love those big thighs of hers, she is easy on the yes to, overall she is very fit