written by Wanda

Lizzie Cundy Can Show As Much Skin As She Wants. She Still Doesn’t Do It For Me

Yeah, here’s the deal – I don’t find Lizzie Cundy attractive in the least. Now, before any of you internet heroes comes raging to her defence, I admit without shame that she is far more attractive than me. That doesn’t mean she’s all that attractive though. In these shots from London, I want to focus on her breasts or her body but I’m distracted by her hyper pointy features. She’s looks more elf than human to me. Not to worry though, Lizzie. I’m just some chick that writes about famous people for a living. You’re actually famous for a living and there are tons of people in the world that find you very lovely. I’m just not one of them.


  • She’s 45 though! Right on!

  • Yo, didn’t you say she was beautiful & sexy in the “Seriously Stacked” post? What happened between September 28th and now to change your mind? Just wondering…

    • Good point. I sometimes forget a woman from one post to the next, especially if the posts have any time between them. I guess I just really loved the last photos and really didn’t love these photos.

  • lovely boobs, she is a fox, id plow her

    • ^ Aaaaand we’re done here.