written by Wanda

Lucy Hale Is A Very Pretty Little Liar

I’ve made no secret of my love for all things related to ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. I adore the show far more than I care to admit despite the fact that I probably don’t fit into the show’s target demographic. I can’t help it. I think the show is fantastic. My love for the show has a lot to do with my love for the cast. All of the ladies are certainly lovely and Lucy Hale is no exception as you can clearly see from these photos which were takenĀ in Hawaii. Lucy is a beautiful young lady and she looks like she really knows how to relax and have a good time. I think that’s appealing and I also think that’s important for a young woman in the entertainment business. There is a lot of pressure on young actresses to look good, stay out of trouble and continue delivering in terms of box office numbers and television show ratings. Knowing how to turn all that off and just have a good time is important. I think Lucy has a bright future ahead of her, even after she’s no longer a little liar. My only real complaint about the show is that the writers don’t really give Lucy a lot to work with in terms of story with many of the meatier plot lines going to the other actresses. That sometimes means Lucy’s work gets overlooked which is a shame. She’s a solid actress. I hope she gets more to work with this season.

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