written by Wanda

Lucy Mecklenburgh Hits The Park With Her Trainer

I like seeing beautiful women like Lucy Mecklenburgh working out. It serves as a pleasant reminder that it takes work to get a body like Lucy’s. Maybe if I was willing to put in the time and effort, I too could look as good as Lucy does in these photos. Or maybe not. We’ll never know. I have nowhere near the ambition or motivation it would take to stick to this kind of routine. There’s just no way. I’d do it for a day and then I’d be done. All the same, Lucy looks incredible during her workout with her trainer in a London park. I don’t know how someone can look that good while working out but there we have it. She looks terrific. I love these photos, even if they do make me feel a bit guilty for sitting on my butt all day instead of getting out and getting some fresh air. Then again, if I did, who would be around to write these posts?

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  • gorgeous girl with an immensely fit body, her trainer isn’t too shabby either