written by Wanda

Lucy Mecklenburgh Is A Head Turner In Spain

There is something about Lucy Mecklenburgh that really draws me in. It could be something to do with her pretty face or her incredible body. I’m guessing that has a lot to do with it, actually, as I’m not terribly familiar with much else about her. I’ve referred to myself as a Lucy Mecklenburgh fan in the past, but I really think I’m more of a Lucy Mecklenburgh bikini photo fan. She’s mostly known for her role on The Only Way Is Essex, a show I’ve seen maybe twice. Fan of her or not, these are some pretty great photos. Snapped in┬áMarbella, Spain, these photos show Lucy showing off her body in two different suits; both of them incredibly sexy. I’m usually not a big fan of bold shades of green but this one really works for her. I do, however, prefer the other suit, albeit only slightly.

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  • she is so hot, she would make anyone turn their head