written by irene

Lucy Pinder Leads Sexiest Protest!

We usually imagine protests like those that have sweaty, grimy people who keep on shouting and fighting for their advocacies and rights. Fortunately for those who want to see a little bit of difference nowadays, though, it looks like Lucy Pinder’s starting a “sexy protest” of sorts. Here she is along with Kayleigh Pearson as they hit the streets and fight against MTV. Is MTV really making beautiful people look stupid?

Lucy Pinder protests

Lucy Pinder against MTV Lucy Pinder 2.jpg Lucy Pinder 3.jpg Lucy Pinder 4.jpg Lucy Pinder 5.jpg Lucy Pinder 6.jpg Lucy Pinder 7.jpg Lucy Pinder 8.jpg Lucy Pinder 9.jpg Lucy Pinder 10.jpg Lucy Pinder 11.jpg Lucy Pinder 12.jpg


  • Why I never meet hot girls like this protesting in my city… bleh :/

  • Lucy Pinder is nothing special. Just another Big Boob Babe!

  • she should protest without wearing that stupid white t shirt that cover her gorgeous big bobbs. she is truely boobalicious.i think she wear h bra size.