written by Wanda

Lucy Pinder Looks Smoking Hot In Her Lingerie.

Lucy Pinder. My good heavens some of these pictures are just out of this world. The only thing that bothers me about them is that some of the photos seem a little heavily airbrushed for my taste. She almost looks like a wax figure in a few of the shots. All the same, she does look incredible. I’m not sure I could choose a favorite photo, or even a favorite lingerie set. They’re all stunning. Would I wear any of it? Nope. I’m more of a simple bra and boy shorts kind of girl but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy looking at women a little more confident than I am.


  • I’m much more sexier than her and have much better assests to show…check my twitter page

  • Airbrushed or not, she looks hot. Do not care if they are real or not. I can dream about her looking perfect. She is smoking her, and the photos really do her lots of justice.

  • Of course she looks hot. I think that she looks amazing. She would be someone I could totally see myself falling for. I agree with Dick that she is perfect in every way.

  • Lucy is a gorgeous lady. Smoking hot. She is a perfect model in every sense. She has great hair and that awesome body. And she just has that sexy look like come here. All models need that.