written by lyn

Lucy Pinder’s Natural Large Boobs

Being known of her natural large boobs, Lucy Pinder poses for some photos for the A1 GP promotional photo shoot. Lucy’s skimpy dress reveals her beautiful curves and unleashes her eye-catching cleavage. With the beautiful face, sexy body, and sexy poses hat Lucy has during the photo shoot, men will surely be dreaming of being with her. Aside from modeling, Lucy Pinder also appears on some television shows portraying herself, and the latest was at the Celebrity Big Brother UK 2009 in January 2, 2009 and getting 57% votes from the public, she was the first to be voted out on day 8, which was in January 9.

Lucy Pinder


  • woow.. check out those boobs!

  • are you sure those are natural? :o

  • Always a pleasure to see some Lucy Pinder!

  • I’d like to race with her lol.

  • Those are the biggest natural boobs I’ve ever seen!

  • That’s something for Natural Boobs .. one of the biggest!!

  • woooow so large boobs on that girl

  • I want to cum all over those boobs and I would boob bang her until it happened

  • she just too lovable

  • What a Boobs, huge jucy good
    present from god.

  • I think she is lovely and acts humble!

  • It’s nice to see big breasts that are actually natural for a change. That’s good to see. Not every pair of large breasts are fake, but you’d think that was the case with the amount of pics of women with fake boobs.

    p.s.: Bob, you have issues.

  • how do u know that they are natural…..ny way wanna fuck you lucy…gorgeous face…god damn boobs…..like to fuck her whole week….(silly its not enough)

  • And how do you know they’re NOT? Like I said, there are so many plastic boob jobs out there that we fail to recognise nature when we see it. That’s quite sad. It’s like not believing someone is a natural blond because a lot of women dye their hair that color.

  • great pics, she is hot as hell and her boobs are awesome, imagine having her in your bed

  • huge boobs, nice looking women