written by irene

Luscious Holly Valance

Holly Valance is really stepping it up with these ultra sexy HQ photos. Her pout, striking pose, inviting eyes and sexy stance are enough to keep the boys wanting more and more! I think what’s pretty interesting about Holly (and it’s obvious in these pictures) is the sexy, curious twitch of her lips. She has this beautiful curve of a smile, don’t you think so? What do you think of this DOA: Dead or Alive Melbourne-born actress’ pictures?

Holly Valance

Holly Valance Holly Valance is sexy Prison Break Holly Valance 5.jpg Holly Valance 6.jpg Holly Valance 7.jpg Holly Valance 8.jpg Holly Valance 9.jpg


  • it’s good to see her around

  • I almost don’t recognise here in these photos. She’s very beautiful, but I wouldn’t have thought it was her. She’s looks quite different to me, not in a bad way, just different. She seems intent on showing her tattoo in some of those pics.

  • fit as f uck

  • holly is so fit its unreal