written by Ann

Madonna On Stage In Germany

Madonna continued her “Sticky and Sweet World Tour” in Düsseldorf, Germany, on September 4. Here are more sexy pictures of Madonna on stage. She had a short break when she returned to London to help her husband promote his new movie, RocknRolla. Madonna was seen visiting her gym to exercise. She has built up her stamina with her strict exercise routine. She can sing and dance for 2 hours in her concert because she has trained and developed her body. Doesn’t she look delicious enough to eat like candy?


Madonna in Germany Sticky and Sweet World Tour Madonna performing RocknRolla Madonna 5.jpg Madonna 6.jpg Madonna 7.jpg sexy Madonna


  • Madonna needs too quit taking steroids! She looks to manly.

  • I wouldn’t say so Pete, she (still) has amazing body for women her age!

  • fair play. got alot of time for a women with bigger muscles than mine