written by Wanda

Maggie Q Shows A Whole Lot Of Leg

I love Maggie Q. That’s just a fact. I love her like I love little baby kittens and I absolutely adore little baby kittens. My love of these photos likely has a little something to do with my love of Maggie but honestly, they’re just flat out hot, personal obsession with Maggie aside. This lady has some killer legs and I think it’s beyond great that she opted to show them off. With that said, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the outfit but the outfit did offer us a whole lot of Maggie Q leg so I can’t be that mad at it. Fantastic shots.


  • Hot Looking women, nice pins on show

  • she is insanely hot, one good reason for watching Nikita, Maggie q is so pretty, awesome legs

  • nice pins on this hottie, she is so exotic looking i find her really sexy