written by Ann

Marcia Cross Exercises

Marcia Cross showed us how she maintained her physical fitness with all these exercises in the gym. Recently, she fooled everyone when she emerged from Ken Paves’ salon in a brand new hair cut that was short and dyed a dark brunette. She wanted to try out her new look before she made it permanent. She surprised everyone by showing up in public with her usual ginger colored hair. I think she looked more special with her unique hair color. Don’t change, Marcia!

Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross in the gym Marcia Cross training exercises Ken Paves’ salon ginger colored hair Marcia Cross 6.jpg Marcia Cross 7.jpg Marcia Cross 8.jpg Marcia Cross 9.jpg Marcia Cross 10.jpg Marcia Cross 11.jpg Marcia Cross 12.jpg Marcia Cross 13.jpg


  • marcia is the hottest housewife. she is so beautiful

  • she is nice, I just this minute watched her in an episode of King of queens, sexy women, tall women too all the better- she is like 5’8 I think

  • she is very sexy, love her in desperate housewives something about her si so alluring to she is the one I’d most like to go with something about a tall redhead beauty.

  • she is a hottie but I would rather Eva Longoria over her still

  • she is fit

  • she is a very good looking women