written by Wanda

Maria Fowler Gets Some Sun In Marbella

I know I keep saying that I have to check out The Only Way Is Essex¬†because of all the hot cast members I post about on here on a regular basis but I never quite get around to it. One of these days, I will. I promise. For now though, I can’t write much about Maria Fowler’s role on the show or talk a lot about her personality because I’m just not that familiar with her. Instead, I’ll just have to stick with what I know and what I know is pretty simple – this lady is a total babe. In these photos, snapped¬†in Marbella, Maria is looking incredible. She has a fantastic body and clearly has confidence to spare. These photos are stunning. I love the setting. I love the bikini. I love Maria. End of story.

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  • nice looking women, really good body too, she is nice