written by Wanda

Maria Kouka And Her Enormous Breasts

Okay, maybe Maria Kouka doesn’t have enormous breasts per say but she is showing off a whole lot of what she has in these shots and I am just fine with that. This woman is gorgeous from toe to tip and I love the fact that she doesn’t seem concerned about what others may think about her. With that said, I think Maria would’ve looked better if she had covered up just a little bit more. I’m not saying she had to cover up completely but I think a little mystery is sexy and there is nothing left to the imagination in that dress. She still looks super hot though – just not quite my cup of tea.


  • god she is very pretty and man is she stacked, huge rack, gigantic really nice booty in that tight outfit and some nice legs, awesome meaty thighs, women like this are the best, Imagine just one night with Maria Kouka damn

  • stunning lady, what a body , awesome curves

  • great looking women, huge boobies