written by Wanda

Maria Menounos Bakes Cookies

A brief glimpse over the posts I’ve written about Maria Menounos in the past tells you everything you need to know about my feelings toward Maria. In a nutshell? I love her. She’s gorgeous but she also seems down to earth. I also love the fact that she’s taken on rather varied projects over the course of her career from her beauty pageant days to her hosting duties on entertainment news shows. I think these pictures really sum up what I like about Maria. She’s sexy when she needs to be sexy but she also isn’t afraid to have a little fun in front of the camera. She seems to just genuinely be a happy, well adjusted person which is always refreshing to see in her line of work.


  • I really like that main picture of her. She looks like she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Oh and like the one where she’s got pastry stuck to her palms!

    And you’re right, it’s cool that she’s explored a variety of projects. Some people are scared of trying something new, so good for her. She’ll go places with that attitude.

  • gigi, you’re right. I can’t take celebs who take themselves too seriously — and with all that money and opportunities out there for you because you’re a celebrity? What have you got to complain about?

    Maria looks like a laid-back kinda gal.

    My favourite pic is also the main one, plus the one with her dogs. The dogs look adorable. So does Maria!

  • this woman is super hot, more than she can show her shave pussy and everything…yea she is adorable lol lol

  • Erm, mariafan, ok. I’m sure she’d be pleased as pie to know that. She’ll be over the moon, I tell ya. In fact, I’m sure she’ll send you a thank-you note to tell you just how grateful she is that you said that.

  • That finger in her mouth makes me wonder ^^

  • Haha, stop it, DestinY! The finger in her mouth makes you wonder what, whether she’s calculating what the circumference of a chocolate chip cookie is?!

    Maria really does look like a bag of fun. I’d love to chill out with her.

  • She could bake cookies for me any day of the week. Total babe. I dig a gal that can have fun no matter where she is at and Maria proves to be this gal. And the finger in the mouth does it for me, makes me want even more.

  • she is a hottie

  • I wanna be in her kitchen, such a good looking women, awesome dog she has too