written by Wanda

Maria Menounos Has A Killer Body

I’ve always been a Maria Menounos fan. She’s gorgeous. She has a killer body and she’s also generous and giving with her time and money to support causes she cares about. There’s something sexy about a woman that genuinely seems to care about what’s going on with the world around her. Here at the Renew Bracelet Beauty Bungalow at Shay Todd Retreat in Miami, Maria is her usual stunning self – striking a sexy pose for the cameras and having a little fun playing in the pool. What I like most about Maria – aside from her support of important causes – is the fact that she’s often considered one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry but that doesn’t seem to have gone to her head. She seems down to earth and fun. The fact that she’s super sexy doesn’t hurt her case either. I love Maria.


  • Oh Jordi, how I love your work. How did anixeroa become cool and something to aspire to? Ask any man, and they will tell you, that celebrity A List thin is very unattractive. Afterall, it is curves, that make a woman, a woman. Go Sarah Murdoch, with her fabulous cover on WW. More of this I say, in the quest for women to celebrate themselves, just as they are .

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