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Maria Menounos Wears Tight Pants

Maria Menounos was a participant at the 2008 MLB All-Star Week Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game. The Access Hollywood correspondent looked like she was having a whooping good time at baseball. She looked good in her baseball tight pants and so did Whoopi Goldberg, whose standard dressing was all about baggy shirts. These ladies ought to get out to pitch more often. Maria’s most famous and recent interview was on the Obama family. She had the opportunity to meet the entire Obama family and inter-act with them.

Maria Menounos

tight pants baseball baggy shirt Maria Menounos 4.jpg Celebrity Softball Game Maria Menounos 6.jpg Maria Menounos 7.jpg Maria Menounos 8.jpg Maria Menounos 9.jpg Maria Menounos 10.jpg sexy Maria Menounos pitch


  • My new looooove!!! she is gorgeous

  • it’s good to see celebrities wearing tight pants

  • thanks 4 these pics


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