written by Wanda

Maria Menounos With William Shatner At The Grove

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this recently, but I kind of have a bit of a girl crush on Maria Menounos. I love everything about her. She’s smart. She’s sexy. She has a fantastic personality. Her smile makes me smile. I am having about the worst week I’ve ever had (including the death of my beloved rabbit, Commander Bun Bun – RIP, little buddy) but somehow, looking at these photos makes me feel happy. It doesn’t hurt that William Shatner is also in these photos. He makes me smile too. Here on the set of Extra at The Grove, Maria looks adorable dressed in her casual clothes. Normally she’s a little more dressed up when she’s filming Extra, but maybe her Dancing with the Stars schedule isn’t allowing her the normal time in wardrobe. I like that. She still looks beautiful. There is nothing about this woman that I don’t love.

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