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Maria Sharapova & Camilla Bell Show Legs In Miami

Camilla Belle and Maria Sharapova struck an unlikely friendship as they went about shopping in Miami. They both wore similar summery clothes and in light colors too. I guess good friends dress alike. I watched Camilla in 10,000 BC. She was beautiful and acted well as Evoleta. She cut a lasting impression as the pretty damsel in distress. When she was initially struck by an arrow, everyone felt sad and thought that was the end. However, the director gave us a different ending instead.

Maria Sharapova and Camilla Bel

Maria Sharapova candids in public Maria Sharapova has short dress Maria Sharapova shopping in Miamig Maria Sharapova 4.jpg Maria Sharapova 5.jpg Maria Sharapova 6.jpg Maria Sharapova 7.jpg Maria Sharapova 8.jpg Maria Sharapova 9.jpg Maria Sharapova 10.jpg Maria Sharapova 11.jpg 10,000 BC


  • they r lesbos~~

  • both fit

  • she is rumored to be dating young tennis hunk grgor dimitrov, she is the richest female athlete so she wont keep any man for long doubt it, she is hot but id rather bang her friend


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