written by Wanda

Maria Sharapova Doesn’t Always Do It For Me

I like Maria Sharapova. I think she’s a beautiful woman with a whole lot of talent on the tennis court but sometimes I just can’t get into her photos the way I’d like to. This would be one of those times. In these shots, we see Maria on a Porsche shoot in California and in all honest, I think the cars look hotter than she does here. She’s far from unattractive but I’m not sure she’s exactly bringing her A game here. Maybe the problem is the outfit. I don’t like the shirt at all. It doesn’t really flatter her because, in my opinion at least, it makes her look fairly shapeless. I guess they can’t all be winners.

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  • there are way hotter women on the wta- kirilenko, ivanovic, lisicki, cirstea and none of them are as hyped as this women