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Maria Sharapova In Singapore

The world’s highest earning female athlete, Maria Sharapova, was in Singapore today for a series of publicity events over the next two days before her game on December 30th. Knowing that she was to meet children, she didn’t opt for a more sexier clothing style. Instead she went for the ‘nice and simple, while showing off her great legs’ look. Maria was the first female player from Russia to ever become world number one at the young age of 18. This promoted tons of companies such as Land Rover, Motorola, Nike and Honda, to throw money at her. Lots of it.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova Maria Sharapova 10.jpg Maria Sharapova 11.jpg Maria Sharapova 2.jpg Maria Sharapova 3.jpg Maria Sharapova 4.jpg Maria Sharapova 5.jpg Maria Sharapova 6.jpg Maria Sharapova 7.jpg Maria Sharapova 8.jpg Maria Sharapova 9.jpg


  • Its not Singapur its Singapore. Anyway nice pics and great blog. Keep updating.

  • Thanks for this, Draconifers. Title has been changed.

  • My dream date sharapova… but it might take ages to get near to her. she is real natural beauty I think god has made in free time.

  • wat the man in the 2nd pic is looking at?

  • looking at her ass, thinking i wish to bang this babe like most of us, cat blame the guy, her and marat safin would make the best couple

  • fit as fuck

  • Ana Ivanovic is hotter maria is nice tho


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