written by Ann

Maria Sharapova Is Beautiful

Maria Sharapova stood in a beautiful pose that reminded us of Marilyn Monroe. The breeze was blowing up her skirt and if it went any higher, there would have been an upskirt photo. Maria is the perfect driver and companion to this golden-honey colored Landrover.
Her satin dress looked like a sexy number that said she was ready for an intimate experience… with the Landrover, of course.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova Landrover Maria Sharapova 2.jpg Maria Sharapova 3.jpg Maria Sharapova 4.jpg Maria Sharapova Miniskirt Maria Sharapova 6.jpg


  • What would you pick, a car or Maria Sharapova? :)

  • A car! :)

  • Great pictures but several months old

  • That event took place in June 2006!!!!

  • Hehe, I also remember seeing these pics before, but noone really cares to see wonderful Maria wearing short dress again.

    btw; this blog is getting bertter and better!