written by irene

Maria Sharapova Is The New Tush

Tennis superstar and most recently, the winner of the Australian Open 2008 Championships, Maria Sharapova is not only a killer player in the courts but it seems she also has what it takes to be a great butt model! I mean, just look at how rounded that ass is (not to sound too lesbo here or something :). Maria graced the news conference with their Fed Cup teammates in Herzliya and she sure did gave GIVE (correction courtesy of Frank, sorry, sometimes the geniuses make mistakes so chill :) ) the media something more to write and talk about! Do you think she’s pretty too?

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova Australian Open 2008 Maria Sharapova is pretty Maria Sharapova 3.jpg Maria Sharapova 4.jpg Maria Sharapova 5.jpg Maria Sharapova 6.jpg Maria Sharapova 7.jpg Maria Sharapova 8.jpg Maria Sharapova 9.jpg Maria Sharapova 10.jpg Maria Sharapova 11.jpg Maria Sharapova 12.jpg


  • She “sure did gave” ?


  • what the hell do you see on this ugly woman?

  • pale, why is she ugly… because she is not wearing as much makeup as other celebrities do? or why.. please describe it..

  • Ye pale… tell us why… I think Maria is pretty!

  • hey frank, thanks for the correction. correction has now been made. sorry, geniuses make mistakes so take a chill pill and relax!

  • LOL Irene :)))

  • the ass is gorgeously round alright, and tight, I bet