written by Ann

Maria Sharapova Wears Leger’s Slinky Dress

Maria Sharapova was well dressed at the Herve Leger Spring 2009 fashion show at The Promenade, Bryant Park on September 7. Maria wore one of Leger’s slinky dresses. The designer posed with her for pictures. They exchanged pleasantries and Sharapova was clearly tickled by his joke. Leger dressed his models in his signature clingy wrapped designs. Women can show off their sexy curves with Herve Leger’s designer clothes.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova at The Promenade Maria Sharapova attends fashion show Maria Sharapova 3.JPG Maria Sharapova 4.JPG Maria Sharapova 5.jpg Maria Sharapova 6.jpg Maria Sharapova 7.jpg Maria Sharapova with Leger Maria Sharapova 9.jpg Maria Sharapova legs Maria Sharapova 11.jpg Maria Sharapova 12.jpg


  • Maria Gets Hotter everytime I see her

  • It’s no fair, she gets to go home to Camilla Belle every night!!

  • Maria amazes me with her natural beauty.

  • she is very hot

  • she is a real amazon at 6 ft 2 inces tall,great long legs, she is a hot lad but what about victoria azarenka who has just retainted her aussie open crown she is as annoying as maria with her grunting but she is very hot too i probably prefer her to sharapova too bodywise, she has more curves and is nice too