written by Ann

Maria Sharapova’s Day Of Relaxation

Here are some photos of Maria Sharapova walking along the street and then some more in Central Park. Maria was a picture of grace and poise as she moved effortlessly on her towering heels. Those must have been at least 6 inches. High heels are very popular for this season and many shoe makers have cashed in on this trend. Maria was slim and beautiful in her heels.

The second set of photos show Maria seated on the grass in Central Park. They seemed to be be watching and enjoying a program.

Maria Sharapova

High heels short skirt long legs Maria Sharapova 5.jpg Maria Sharapova 6.jpg Central Park


  • First 3 candids are adorable, so is Maria. Just perfect!

  • goddess !!!!

  • Maria is so tall, that with these heels she must overpass 2 mts high. A real ultra sexy beauty.

  • her legs are the best, awesome wanking material