written by Joe

Mariah Carey And Her Puppy

Here we have Mariah Carey taking a break in Aspen, Colorado. Unlike some stars who have decided to go to the beach this Christmas, Mariah has decided to go a nice cold and snowy location. However, sunglasses are still needed it seems! A reason for the vacation is probably because her parents have a jewellery store there. She spent Christmas with the family, and with a new addition, her new puppy. It seems even dogs need winter clothes, well they do if they are owned by a diva such as Mariah Carey. I quite like their matching outfits, who do you think looks best?

Mariah Carey Puppy

Mariah Carey 1.jpg Mariah Carey 2.jpg Mariah Carey 3.jpg Mariah Carey 4.jpg Mariah Carey 5.jpg

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  • This outfit drives me crazy :o