written by Wanda

Mariah Carey For Jenny Craig

Mariah Carey is the new Jenny Craig Brand Ambassador. It makes sense. Much like brand ambassadors of the past, Mariah has very publicly struggled with her weight for years. She started off smoking hot and skinny. She was then a little meaty. Then she was more than a little meaty. Then she was skinny again. To be honest, I’ve always though Mariah was hot, regardless of her weight. She can pull off the bigger girl thing. She makes curves look sexy. At the same time, remember how freaking hot she was in the “Honey” video? In that gold bikini? Good heavens. I’m getting all warm just thinking about it. Anyway, it’s good to see Mariah is taking control of her weight. I just hope she has more success with the battle of the bulge than past Jenny Craig spokeswomen.



  • Was the Honey video the one where she’s doing this “comedy” thing with this black dude and, well, she’s not a comedian? That was great. I don’t remember the gold bikini though…refresh my memory!

    • I honestly don’t remember anything other than the bikini! I think she was some sort of spy or… was trying to escape something. Ugh. My memory is usually so much better than this. I don’t remember comedy though. It wasn’t the movie with Jessica Alba though.

  • Sexy babe!

  • she is perfect women

  • her and jenny craig both hot, mariah is so gorgeous, great face and a great body

  • mariah always looks great, the other women are fit too, that dark women man she got a big booty on her too, wouldn’t mind them 3 women, all of them chicks are tasty

  • huge ass on the other women jeez, mariah looks great as always, The blonde women looks quite tidy too