written by Ann

Mariah Carey Gets A Hug And Kiss

Mariah Carey went to promote her CD’s release at a soiree at Mr Chow’s restaurant in Hollywood. She was dressed in a sexy top that had a plunging neckline. She exposed her side boobs. Instead of a lacy skirt, she had a pair of shorts with a lace motif pattern. Mariah was greeted by her fan, who gave her a big bear hug and kiss. She smiled and showed how happy she was with the welcome.

Mariah Carey

Hug Kiss lacy skirt Mr Chow’s restaurant Hollywood Mariah Carey 6.jpg Mariah Carey 7.jpg Mariah Carey 8.jpg Mariah Carey 9.jpg Mariah Carey 10.jpg Mariah Carey 11.jpg Mariah Carey ass


  • Mariah and Nick are married now.

  • ^^^^ It won’t last.

  • those legs those tits damm fine women


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