written by irene

Mariah Carey Has A Touch-able Body

Certified diva Mariah Carey, now also known as Mrs. Nick Cannon, recently flaunted (again! actually, for like the nth time these past few weeks) her body. Yup, she wants you to touch it, for chrissakes! The “Bye Bye” singer, whose “Touch My Body” single did so well at the charts, was wearing an aqua colored body hugging outfit that definitely touched all her curves. Yup, hubby Nick Cannon is a very lucky guy!

Mariah Carey

sexy Mariah Carey Mariah Carey in blue body outfit Touch My Body Mariah Carey Mariah Carey 6.jpg Mariah Carey 7.jpg Mariah Carey 8.jpg Mariah Carey 9.jpg Mariah Carey 10.jpg


  • that body looks so hard amazing

  • damm she looks well toned in these pics, never realised she was so buff

  • id love to pound her